Needle & Syringe Program

Needle & Syringe Program

The Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) is a public health measure that provides sterile injecting equipment to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses in the ACT.

The primary NSPs are located in Civic and Phillip and supply a range of free injecting equipment and condoms, information on safe injecting practices, harm reduction and health protection measures, healthcare, general information and support and free meals. Crisis counselling is available at the Civic NSP and free frozen meals are also available at both Civic and Phillip NSPs through the Directions Healthy Food Healthy Me program.

Free fit packs are also available through Community Health Centres and Walk In Centres in the ACT during business hours, and can be purchased through participating pharmacies and vending machines.

Syringe Vending Machines

Syringe Vending Machines are self-contained units that enable 24-hour purchase of safe injecting equipment for a small fee. In the ACT, Syringe Vending Machines are located outside Community Health Centres. Syringe Vending Machines contain ‘4-packs’ only (these include 4 sterile needles and syringes, swabs, water, spoons and cotton wool within a safe disposal container).

Pharmacy NSP Outlets

Over 30 pharmacies in the ACT participate in the NSP program, where 4-packs are available for purchase for a small fee.

Needle & Syringe Disposal

Needles, syringes and other sharps should be disposed of in secure hard plastic containers, available from NSPs. If you find a sharp in a public place or on your private property, call the SHARPS Hotline on 13 22 81, providing accurate information on the location of the item. A City Ranger from ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services will come and pick it up as soon as possible. Do not touch the sharp and, if possible, stand guard or mark the area with a hazard sign, particularly if there are children around.

NSP Locations

Contact our Primary NSPs

NSP Civic

Located at Civic Community Health Centre 1 Moore Street Canberra City ACT 2601

02 6143 5800

NSP Phillip

Located at Phillip Community Health Centre 1 Keltie Street Phillip ACT 2606

02 6132 4900