You may know a family member or friend who could benefit from our programs and services but are unsure of what to do or of how we could help them.

At Directions we offer a comprehensive and complementary range of programs and services to help people impacted by alcohol, drugs or other addictions. All of our programs and services are confidential.

Our approach is evidence based, backed by the latest social and scientific research and the result of more than 40 years experience in the treatment and support of people impacted by their own or other’s use of alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

We adopt a holistic approach in what we do, which means that treating and supporting the individual can also mean involving family, friends and those closest to the individual experiencing issues.

We also understand that treatment and support can take many forms and for this reason, abstinence is not a requirement for entry or discharge from any of our programs and services.

To speak to us confidentially about your concerns, or make an appointment, please use the details below to contact us.

Level 6, Cosmopolitan Centre, Woden Square, Woden ACT
PO Box 538, Woden ACT 2606